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Photo Fundraiser
By: International MOMS Club Newsletter

Web Posted: January 7, 2014; Chapter Activities, Service Project

Chapters are always looking for creative ways to raise money for service projects, attend International events or to donate. The MOMS Club of Schertz, TX shared their fantastic Santa photo fundraiser.

Any parent who has waited in line at the mall with small children in order to get a picture with Santa knows that there must be an easier way. And in Schertz, there was! Their December monthly meeting was a Polar Express Pajama party topped off by a visit from the big guy himself. The kids all had a chance to visit with Santa and get their picture taken by one of the chapter’s members, who happens to be a great photographer. Members could then buy the digital images for their own use for a nominal fee. Proceeds from the event help sponsor a birthday party for an emergency shelter and foster home located in the area in March.

You don’t need to wait until Christmas to do something like this with your chapter, there are lots of photo related holidays coming up! Valentine’s photos, Easter bunny, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… if there is one thing parents love it’s great pictures of their kids.


Staying busy at Home


By: Andrea M. Allinger


Published: September 2011 issue of
                   Schertz Magazine

As a recent inductee into the full-time stay-at-home mom scene, local kid- and budget-friendly daytime activities have become particularly poignant. The hidden gems of Schertz and the surrounding area supply indoor and outdoor fun to enrich the days of Schertz stay-at-home moms and their kiddos.


Let’s start with the parks, as it is no use mourning the closing of the City of Schertz pools in a few weeks. At the top of the list reigns Pickrell Park, with multiple playscapes and bountiful hills to explore. The centralized location on FM 1518 near Main Street in Schertz may be within walking distance for some Schertz moms and is worth the drive for those further away.


Niemietz Park in Cibolo is another local favorite as it hosts a jogging track and soccer field next to the play area, allowing for activities among the varying age groups of some families’ children. The playscape is decently shaded throughout the day, which protects little legs from the scorching heat of a broiling plastic slide. The unique domed metal climber is a hit with pint-sized visitors as is the sand underneath and the glorious old-fashioned swings. Niemietz Park is located on FM 78, just east of FM 1103.


After about 11:00 AM, the sun seems to hot enough to char the outer layer of any exposed skin, which means it might be a good time to find an indoor activity. Schertz Library hosts an array of storytimes for children from birth to 5 years old as well as a family storytime on Saturdays and a teen reading club on various weekday nights. Wednesdays herald a toddler story time (ages 20 months to 3 years) beginning at 10:05 AM and a preschool story time at 10:30 AM (ideal for 3- to 5-year-olds), both of which include songs, books and a short craft time for parents and children. For more information on library activities, visit or call 210-619-1700.


A more structured playtime is possible through membership in a local playgroup, such as MOMS Club of Schertz. Schertz chapter president Julie Stewart has been involved with the organization since 2004, and she credits the club with changing her outlook on being at home with her kids. Stewart boasts that with at least three to four activities on the calendar each week, a member could almost have something to do every day.


Meetings are broken down into six to 10 people depending on the playdate location and are generally organized by the children’s age. To find out more about joining the MOMS Club, visit their website at


Support group targets mothers

Rachel L. Toalson
Express-News Staff Writer

Web Posted: 01/19/2005; 12:00 AM CST

Even while addressing a small room full of women, Kaaihue-Lujan's eye is trained to watch the petite, brown-eyed toddler who's still a bit wobbly on her feet.

She doesn't offer an apology when her voice softens in mid-sentence to console the daughter she's just rescued from a potential danger — even when her original thought remains unfinished.

But it doesn't matter. The women understand.

Like Kaaihue-Lujan, they're all mothers.

"When you hear something drop, you turn," Kaaihue-Lujan said, amid the loud cries and continuous chatter of the toddlers and babies. "You learn that here."

She joins an average of 20 women for the monthly meeting of the North Central branch of the MOMS (Mothers to Offer Mothers Support) Club of San Antonio. But the group — one of three that exist in San Antonio — has 52 members, said group President Cristie.

Other branches are Northeast and Northwest, Kaaihue-Lujan said.

MOMS Club, an international nonprofit organization, has more than 1,800 chapters with more than 85,000 members in the United States, said Rhona , Teasurer for the North Central group.

MOMS Club was begun in Simi Valley, Calif., by Mary James, a stay-at-home mother, in 1983. James established it to provide support for at-home mothers and give them the opportunity to meet other mothers like them, Grieb said.

"We take care of each other," Lemke said. "We give each other support. When our kids are crying and screaming and we just need to get out of the house, this gives us a good place to go."

Meetings, which last about an hour, feature speakers on topics that interest moms — anything from car seat and fire safety to how to prepare children for kindergarten, said Kaaihue-Lujan, who also is the group's Membership Vice President.

Once a month, the members gather for a Mom's Night Out, Kaaihue-Lujan said. That's when fathers stay home to keep the children, she added with a laugh.

They have two parties a year — one for the holidays and one, of course, for Mother's Day.

The group also looks for volunteer opportunities each month — some activities at local homeless shelters, others at the Children's Bereavement Center.

"We really want to be advocates to teach our children that you want to give back to the community," Kaaihue-Lujan said. "They need to understand that it's not about getting. It's all about giving."

One of the teaching tools they use, she said, is taking their children to the park and having them pick up trash.

The mothers also plan group events during the week — taking their children to the San Antonio Zoo or the Children's Museum or letting them browse the children's section at a bookstore while the mothers relax with a cup of coffee.

"This group gives mothers a chance to get out of the house and talk with other adults," Grieb said.

And that's important, she said, when all you do for most of the day is talk to a 3-year-old.

Members of the group support each other and learn from each other, Kaaihue-Lujan said.

"We talk about how to raise children and go over problems that mothers may encounter along the way," she said, shifting her squirming daughter to her other hip. "We give them an outlet for emotional support."

"We talk about the types of issues that every mother is going through," Grieb said. "And we give mothers a chance to know that they are appreciated."

Kaaihue-Lujan said many of the group's members have come from the business world — trading large salaries, status and job advancement for the full-time job of raising their children.

Most agree that it's one of the hardest jobs in the world — but, at the same time, well worth its challenges.

After all, Kaaihue-Lujan said, nothing compares to seeing her baby's firsts.


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